Yuna is a Super Player and a friend encountered in Baseball Superstars 2012.


Not much is known about Yuna, other than that she owns a Kenpo dojo and the Player meets her at the Park while she is trying to promote her dojo. By doing this, the player finds her annoying and the two begin to get off at the wrong foot.

It turns out that Yuna knows the Manager of the player's team and the two eventually become friendlier with each other, with Yuna forming slight feelings towards the player.


Yuna is a fun-loving girl who is always up for a challenge, no matter how difficult it may be. She always shows courage and strength whenever she needs to. However, a drawback to her personality would be her annoying side; this can be seen when she is promoting her dojo and the Player finds her annoying, thus starting off on the wrong foot with her.

Super PlayerEdit

As a Super Player, Yuna is a batter, using a sword as her bat. Her batting skills are unique, as she can hit the ball farther than some of the other super batters and excels in running and throwing the ball.