In my batter mode,you begin a 10 year carreer, similar to my pitcher as you set goals for the season and try to achieve them for a special bonus, try to win the MVP pennant of the year, and much more.In my batter, they switch to the spot you bat, so, you get to hit about 3-6 times a game. For new players, you shouldn't by equipment in the first year, but you should enchance your players with g-point items like unagi, red ball active, mom's lunch, etc . The reason you sjhouldn't purchase in the first year is that usually, the effects they give you are enough to do fairly well (not to mention the fact that the equipment you can afford probably wouldn't be very good). You should only buy equipment when you can afford something good, such as the holy sword, paladin helm, gargoyle feet and others I didn't bother to list.

Out of experience, I know that it is better to hit balls later than earlier, as swinging to earlier results in a lot of swing and misses, pop ups, and weak grounders. I generally hit more home runs on the late side ( but not too late, as you will most likely miss altogether). When Facing super players, you should use a super batting if you have one, especially if they challenge you, as, if it is leveled to a high level, it will give you a considerable boost.Generally take the first pitch because it is almost always a super pitch, in general you should look for a fastball, but only swing at super pitches when desperate.

There are 4 types of abilities in my batter, hit, power,defense, and running. hit increases your contact and is important for every type of player (you can't hit homeruns if you miss all the time, and you can't get hits if you don't put it in play). Power increases your ability to get extra bases, and yes, homeruns. Defense, is different, because it is not important at all in my batter (you never play defense), but in team mode, you need to be able to field your position. You also don't get debuffs if you neglect it. Running increases your running speed, and is important for those who want base hits, as in general, you will be able to get more infield hits than not. A lot of people will pay to increase their stats which is totally UNneccessarry. An easy way to get g points are missions and team tournaments on team mode. Tournaments can give easy g points, as the gamevil cup gives 300 g points to win it all, yet , it is not much more difficult than a friendly match.